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Mankind was warned not to touch Pandora’s box, a lost relic of an alien race, but it decided not to listen…

In the 22nd century, the lives of two young astrophysicists, the sociable Steve and the introverted Clive, are proceeding normally, divided between science, university life and observing the stars. That is until one day, Professor Shelby, the dean of the faculty, offers them the chance to be part of an expedition to the Gliese 581 star system, where scientists have long suspected that intelligent life might exist.

Mankind had already come up against aliens years previously, but after a series of tragic events, this alien civilization disappeared without trace. Its fate remains unknown, but after its disappearance, mankind was left with fragments of advanced technology. Some of these were lost, but there were enough for the first interstellar voyage to be made several years later.

Mankind considers travel to the worlds of other stars to be the latest landmark in the development of its own civilization, not even suspecting that stepping beyond the limits of the Solar System will put mankind itself in far greater danger than could ever have been imagined… [continue reading]



The ascendancy of mankind is being decided on Jupiter

In the 22nd century, mankind has assimilated the Solar System within the orbits of the inner planets, and is gradually moving further out, beyond the asteroid belt, towards the outer planets. The recently discovered technology of remote manipulation has given people the capability of altering the orbit of planetary-size celestial bodies, laying the foundation of a new era for the human race: the terraforming age. The colonisation of space beyond the limits of the Solar System has become only a matter of time.

Soon after the first successful test, changing Mercury’s orbit, a strange object moving from the depths of space towards the centre of the Solar System enters the field of vision of a telescope at an observatory in Chile…

* * *

The spacecraft reaches Mercury at the intended time and begins sending signals to determine the precise orbit of the planet. The experiment begins that evening. A command is sent to increase the speed of Mercury from the Experiment Control Centre at the moon base. Three hours later, the International Space Station, scientists at the moon station and also many other groups of scientists on Earth, register a… [continue reading]

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Everything simply follows the laws of objective reality

A plan on the grandest scale our Galaxy has ever known, as old as mankind itself, finally enters its concluding phase, taking it Beyond the Event Horizon.

After first contact, which had not ended as the Earthlings expected, all traces of the visitors were lost in space, seemingly forever. But soon after, scientists noticed a mysterious gravitational anomaly not far from the Solar System as it journeyed around the centre of the Milky Way. To find out more, and perhaps discover the aliens’ secret, a research expedition fitted out with state-of-the-art scientific and military equipment sets out…

*  *  *

In 2177, close to the Solar System, scientists discover a source of disturbance to the space-time continuum: radiating gravity waves that did not appear to have the signature of those caused by natural processes. On the basis of the approximate distance to the source and the intensity of the waves generated, its mass ought to be compatible with the size of a binary star and exert a strong influence on the movement of the planets in the Solar System. However, such a system of heavenly bodies is not known to exist. Attempts to detect the mysterious object with the aid of Earth-based observatories and orbital telescopes are unsuccessful, but astronomers succeed… [continue reading]

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A hitherto unknown cycle of high solar activity has led to the collapse of civilisation on Earth. As countries become engulfed by the flames of apocalyptic chaos, primal fear turns humans back into wild animals and the cities into concrete jungles where the rule of force is replacing the rule of law.

The destinies of people are like matchwood in the torrent of global catastrophe toppling civilisation. Decisive action and a cunning plan aim to turn back the course of history…

Two million years ago, the evolution of the brain took man out of the animal world by endowing an unremarkable branch of the Tree of Life with fantastic capabilities for processing and exchanging information. Subsequent generations call it the human intellect. A short time later, mankind left its cradle, Africa, and established itself on every continent except Antarctica. Fragile in body, but with the gift of a highly developed intellect, the members of this race easily forced out the apex predators and took their place, in spite of their powerful claws and huge tusks. Having won first place in the food chain in most of the occupied ecological niches, this life form declared itself the crowning glory of creation, assuming the whole route travelled by evolution on the planet had stopped when its own race had been born. However, evolution never for a minute stopped affecting all of life, including man. Thirty thousand years ago, the weight of the human brain achieved its historical maximum. Since then it has steadily become smaller, and by the end of the second millennium A.D., the total loss of cerebral material was 10.5 ounces. In the 21st century, this reduction suddenly approached crisis point…

The doors closed with a hiss, and the cabin of the mountain cableway smoothly picked up speed as it was carried up at an ever-increasing rate. Kate stood facing the panoramic windows and could barely hold back her tears. That idiot had gone anyway. Left everything – her, his work; he just got up and went without even saying goodbye. He had nothing but contempt for all her persuasion, arguments, threats…

She had never found out which blathering fool had infected him with the stupid idea of going to Cape Town. Jerome had always been stubborn, but sometimes his stubbornness reached such heights that she found it hard to believe in his intellectual maturity. It was so easy to instil something into him, to infect him with an idea – just like a child. He was utterly dependent on his companions and was just like they were: no opinion of his own, only that of the group.

Jerome was… [continue reading]

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Cover "ENTANGLED"ENTANGLED (short story)

Aaron came to, opening his eyes with some difficulty. He could dimly make out the contours of the room. His surroundings lacked any distinct detail, just random grey-coloured silhouettes and strange shapes which, when looked at more closely, merged into familiar objects.

He tried to raise himself up off the bed to see more but was unable, his arms were not up to the task – his muscles simply refused to do their job. He would have to settle for just moving his eyes. Moving his head also proved impossible. An impotent weakness enveloped his whole body.

OK. Now he understood. It was…


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